About Us

We have since our inception in 1994 sought to provide businesses and their owners with solutions to their day to day problems.

Like all start-up businesses the services we offered were modest initially but as we grew over the years so did our services. Today we pride ourselves at being able to offer services generally expected from larger accounting firms and in many cases we feel we can offer something more.

Our team have a wealth of experience and while we constantly strive for better outcomes for our clients we have also been evolving ourselves. We are fully aware success comes not just from technical competency but also by being relevant to businesses in an environment that is constantly changing. As such we feel we can add to our clients business beyond what is typically associated with a Chartered Accountancy firm. In doing so we assist them in achieving both their business goals and by association, some of their life goals.

Whether you are in building, manufacturing, mining, mining services, health or retail, we have experience in dealing with your needs.

Director of Wealth Management

Client/Services Manager

Senior Accountant

Candice Ang


Holly Smith

Client Services

Sarah Edwards

Client Services

Stephanie Mair


Sharon Craig

Reception/Client Services

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